CCCBR AGM Meeting Papers now on website

The agenda for this year’s annual Council meeting at Lancaster are now available on their website and includes the final text of the Transition Motion, proposing adoption  of the new governing documents.

There will not be a “supplement” to the Ringing World as such. These include the agenda, last year’s Minutes,  formal annual report, accounts, committee reports and the text of the proposed new Rules
and Standing Orders as a consolidated document.
CCCBR members do NOT need to print these all out – printed copies will be available at Lancaster and  there will be enough copies for all Council members plus visitors.

The reports from the Independent Examiners will also be on the website.

Producing and circulating the report like this will reduce the deficit by at least £1,000  (compared with 2017) so we thank you for your understanding on this.

Do remember that the meeting will begin on Sunday afternoon!

I look forward to meeting you again there.


Mrs Mary Bone
Honorary Secretary
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
Registered charity no 270036

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