Twenty second Training How to use “date stamp” categories correctly

  1. They are intended for FUTURE events only, not for news reports.
  2. 99% of the time, you need to tick the specific date stamp (eg 2018 Apr 21st-27th) not the top category (1 THIS WEEK or 1 CURRENT MONTH).

PS that’s all you need to know if your post relates to an event on a particular day.

If your news is about a series of events, the website doesn’t handle it quite so elegantly. But ticking “1 THIS WEEK” will keep your news at the top of the date lists until it is archived. So if it’s a weekly practice that’s cancelled for a whole month, for example, that’s perfect.

If your news is a list of 4 events over one year, then the website will present them far better if you make 4 separate news items!

Ticking “1 CURRENT MONTH” won’t do much. The programs will drop your news to the bottom of the event lists.

If you’re unsure, please send me a link to the post once it is live and I can check it!


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