Bramshott ringers, Di and Dave Hart, finally get their membership certificates. Only 25 years late.

At our AGM in January, as certificates and badges were being presented to newly elected members, a voice from the back of the hall said something along the lines of  “My wife and I have been members for years, and have never been given certificates and badges”.

Well, that could not be allowed to pass unnoticed so our Chairman, Mike Novell, vowed to rectify the oversight.

Mike looked back over the old District minutes until he located their elections, in 1993! Mo Routh told him that Barry Fry would have been Guild Master at the time and Bob Cater was Secretary. As luck would have it, Mike bumped into Barry at the Guild Exec meeting and he was only too happy to sign the new certificates, but Bob’s name had to be written in instead, as he’s moved away and Mike didn’t have any contact details for him.

Here is a photo of Di and Dave Hart finally receiving their membership certificates at our Spring meeting last Saturday, along with Guild badges and a leaflet showing all the A&P towers with their respective practice nights, just in case they don’t already know them.

It looks like it was worth the wait.

Di & Dave

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