Consent to Join the Alton and Petersfield District Email List

“By joining the new Alton and Petersfield District Google Group,  you are requesting emails about tower and District Events, plus a weekly email of news sourced from the Guild website, and any other messages deemed relevant by the District Officers.
Your email address will be shared with the Google Groups application but will not be shared with any other third parties. Because of an imminent change of legislation (GDPR), we need your explicit consent. The District’s Yahoo Group is to be discontinued due to technical problems.”


3 thoughts on “Consent to Join the Alton and Petersfield District Email List”

  1. I’m an expert in GDPR and a keen ringer. What is the process to leave the group? I don’t wish to do so but a requirement of GDPR is that it should be as easy or easier to revoke consent as it is to grant it…

    1. I see from the email I received having given consent that it does include “Unfollow a blog to stop receiving emails from that blog. Go to Settings to stop receiving all emails from” which is helpful. It may be worth adding something to this effect on the initial page that requests consent.

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