TowerTalk Magazine – Issue 7 is out.

TowerTalk is a magazine produced by the Association of Ringing Teachers

Welcome to the 7th issue of Tower Talk, the magazine for ringers on the Learning the Ropes scheme.

We hope that you enjoy this latest edition of Tower Talk.  If so, why don’t you forward this email or print off a copy of the magazine so that other new ringers can feel part of this amazing community which stretches right around the world.

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In this edition …

The theme this time is ‘Ringing Around the World’. Have you ever been on holiday and heard bells ringing and felt the urge to join in? I think most of us feel that way, whether we have been ringing for years or just a few months! Those of us lucky enough to live in the UK can do this easily, but to do it in other countries takes a bit of planning. In this edition we hear from a few ringers who have combined travel and ringing.

  • Level 4 and Counting by Hannah Brighty
  • New Ringer, New Teacher by Ruth Gilbert
  • Ladies Who Lunch by Gillian Hosking
  • Hyperactive Thursdays! by Charlie Linford
  • An Unexpected Journey by Nic Boyd
  • Australian Diary by Karen Adamson
  • 50 Ringing Things: Moving Out of My Comfort Zone, part 2 by Lucy Gwynne
  • Rocky Mountain High by Kathryn McCarthy
  • Rope and Wheel, Bell and Stone – The Magic of Ringing by Laura Goodin
  • Parlez-vous Bonglais? by Les Boyce
  • Ringing Remembers in 2018 by Vicki Chapman

Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk
Learning the Ropes from the Association of Ringing Teachers

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