Isle of Wight Bells will ring out on July 7th to celebrate 70 years of the NHS!

We’d like to share this news as other ringers might like to consider offering their ringing services to their local NHS 70 Years group… excellent opportunity for some more ringing and some good P.R. to be had for The Exercise!

The Island’s ringers were approached by the NHS Trust, via the Guild’s website, inviting us to take part in the NHS local 70th Birthday celebrations…..

…..”What a lovely thing it would be for bells to be rung in celebration across the Island at the same time, bringing all the communities together”

they said to us.

We are working alongside the NHS 70 Years Task ‘n’ Finish group and will try to arrange ringing at all 15 towers. At each church the NHS hopes to provide members of staff, dressed in costumes of 70 years ago; on another day there’s to be a peal and service ringing followed by a Service of Celebration at All Saints’, Ryde. We are working towards holding these events in July.

A couple of NHS representatives are joining us at a Carisbrooke practice soon to see what ringing is all about. They’ve already taken Ringing Remembers leaflets to circulate and are very happy to promote the project. We’ve suggested that there’s plenty of time for us to train 15 NHS new ringers so they could be going solo on the day!

Viv Nobbs

For more about the national project please visit

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