St. Mary the Virgin, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6BS

2nd June, 2018

Tutor: Gill Hughes

Course fee: £20, plus £6.50 for lunch & refreshments.

On-line bookings (ref: DOR2618M2F):   https://smartringer.org/public/daycourses/

Aim of course:

Provides you with the skills and techniques necessary to build really good foundation ringing skills in your ringers. The course is designed for anyone involved in teaching a new band where the teacher can personally ring at least plain hunt. Theory sessions will cover:

  • the importance of approaching teaching in easy, understandable stages,
  • the critical importance of using effective feedback,
  • the theory of coaching, and
  • how to form a strong band.

This theory is supported by practical sessions that show how to develop these skills, including how to teach call changes, an exploration of kaleidoscope ringing, and different ways to introduce ringers to covering and plain hunt.

Who can become a teacher:

A Teacher is a ringer who may have some or no teaching experience. New teachers will learn how to teach in a structured, effective way and develop their confidence while existing teachers will learn new skills and techniques.

Anyone aged 14 years or older can participate.

Experienced teachers are also invited to apply who would like to mentor a less experienced teacher.


What is expected of a new teacher:

It is appropriate for the Teachers who are students on the course to have    sufficiently good bell control to be able to inspire confidence in the new ringers, their mentors, the tower captain (if appropriate) and other members of the learner’s band.

For further information about the course, the ART Training Scheme and becoming an ART accredited teacher contact:

Alan Bentley          click here to email               01202 824197


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