WP Guild Inter-District Striking Competition 1pm Sat June 16th, Basingstoke

pdf version of document

2018 Inter-District 8 Bell Competition – Rules & information

Date: Saturday 16th June 2018
Location: St Michael, Basingstoke (8 bells, 14-1-10)
Start: 1 pm
Results: will be given in at the end of the competition.
For more info and to enter contact: Pete Jordan
Closing date
for entries:
Saturday 9th June 2018.
Draw: The draw will be held at the start of the competition. Bands with any legitimate time constraints please advise with your entry.
1 The team to represent each District will be chosen by the District Ringing Master or some other person appointed by the District. If districts wish to enter another team, a maximum of 3 people from the first team are allowed to be in the second team
2 Each competing ringer must be a member of the District.
3 Each team may have four minutes ringing in which to prepare for the test piece.  The treble bell shall then be rung several times to indicate that the team is about to commence the test piece.
4 The competition ringing will comprise either:
  • 224 changes in any Triples or Major method(s) of the team’s own choice.  All of the changes (but not the rounds before or after) will be judged.
  • Call changes.  The team may choose the changes to be rung but all the bells except the tenor are to take a turn at leading.  The opening rounds and the stand will not be judged.  Teams must ring for at least seven minutes after the first change is called.
5 The decision of the Committee shall be final in any matter concerning the conduct of the competition and the interpretation of these rules.

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