Workshop – “How to talk about ringing!” Sat April 21st

Hi all

We are putting on a special workshop with Mark Regan sharing and teaching on “How to talk about ringing!” in an inspiring and engaging way.  We have a few places still available with a deadline of 28thMarch so I wondered if any of you fancied joining us – I know I could do with help to be sure everything I say to members of the public and/or the press has maximum and positive impact – here are the details if you’re interested –

Sat April 21st, 9.30 to 2pm at Amersham, Bucks.

Donation of £15 towards expenses

Please see further details and opportunity to register via the link:


Elva Ainsworth


PR Officer, ODG

3 thoughts on “Workshop – “How to talk about ringing!” Sat April 21st”

  1. I am interested in the workshop but sadly cannot attend. Will you be posting any notes/tips from the day on the WP website?
    Thank you.

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