Report from Basic Raising and Lowering Course on 23rd Feb

Friday the 23rd of February saw another fantastic education course in basic raising and lowering held at St Mary’s Church, Bishopstoke.
This popular course gave ten people the chance to learn, practice or refine the basics of raising and lowering a bell under the tutelage of experienced ringers who gave up their Friday evening to support their learning.

The Education committee and the learners would like to thank the following people for their time, patience and effort; Course Leader Andy Ingram, with Andy Sparling, Steve Hough, David Mattingley, Oliver Challoner and John Croft.

Tea, coffee and cake (made by Christine Knights-Whittome) was served at halftime where the learners and the tutors spent some time getting to know each other and talking through various issues that they might be experiencing through their learning journey.
Also in the body of the church there was an opportunity to browse and purchase from the stand of books that is regularly presented at the education courses by Judy who is the Learning Resource Officer.

I would like to thank Andy Ingram for calling the house to order when I arrived in order to ask consent to film and photograph for the Guild social media and website, my thanks to all consentees, (if that’s a word) and for Christine for letting me eat more than my fair share of cake whilst handing back my course fee cheque as I was on the short list for the course and no one dropped out!

Gary Marsh, Wonston, Winchester District

Link to short video here

** A note from the Communications Team**

Thanks Gary for taking the trouble to write this and for the photos! I’m sure our fellow ringers will be very interested to read and see what goes on at these events.

We really appreciate hearing the inside story of your Towers and those that you visit. Whether unusual or ‘business as usual’, running repairs or post-practice pints, we’re joined by the shared experience of bellringing and this website and our Guild Facebook group are here to share those stories. As Andy and Gary did in the report above, just ask that it’s ok for you to take photos.

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The W&P Comms Team