Belfree Wireless Ringing System 2018

The Belfree system has been under development for some years and is now ready to roll ….

The team at Belfree has been working for a long time on getting our wireless system off the ground. Having encountered a number of hurdles along the way, we now have a full in-house manufacturing setup which means we are far less reliant on suppliers than before and more in control of the production process. Furthermore, a recent decision for Chris and I to partner full-time as a company means we have more time and energy to put into the products and also the ability to monitor communications more consistently.
In addition to continued improvements to our wireless product, both mechanically and electronically, we have a number of new developments in the works to expand our product portfolio, more information on this will be available in the near future.
So far 2018 has been a good year; we have our new sensor in production,  a number of the new units have been shipped and installed in towers across the UK, and it is now is available for purchase through our brand new website
To align with our new website we have a brand new email address from which this email has been sent. Please update our contact details in your address book.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.
We appreciate your patience and continued support as we drive Belfree forward and we hope you will enjoy following our journey.
Francis & Chris
Belfree WRS

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