Responsibility All Too Much!

During the Isle of Wight ADM on Saturday, held at Carisbrooke, Phoebe Allen thought she would rather like to have a go at being Ringing Master.

Mike Winterbourne duly relinquished his badge of office in the hope of enjoying an easier afternoon.

Having tried on the heavy medallion Phoebe decided the job was not for here and quickly relinquished the post – maybe when a bit older then Phoebe?

Some good ringing was enjoyed by Island members with a touch of Stedman Triples being the highlight.

After a short service and a filling tea, yes lots of cakes as usual, the well attended meeting got underway.

Officers were all re-elected to their posts, with the exception of Lexi Skeldon, who takes over the post of Publicity Officer.

A raffle was held and the meeting decided the money from this and last years raffle, which was still being held by the Treasurer, should be donated to the WWI book project to help with the cost of that. I don’t have the exact amount to hand but it was in the region of £105.

The meeting closed at 7.05. Our thanks to Guild Master Mike Winterbourne for sailing the Solent to attend and also to Carisbrooke ringers for providing the tea and venue.

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