Golden Celebrations at Shanklin

St Saviour’s Church at Shanklin saw a peal attempt on Saturday to help celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary for locals Jan and Ian Hookey.
Jan is a ringer at Shanklin and Ian is organist and the celebrations began earlier in the week.
Unfortunately, after three-quarters of an hour of ringing some superb changes on sometimes indifferent bells, an injury occurred to one of the ringers and it was thought wise to bring the course round at a quarter, so that instead could be recorded to mark the occasion.
Even by doing that, ringer Caroline has recorded her most rings of different methods at one attempt.
The event is recorded in Ringing World as follows.
Shanklin, Isle of Wight
St Saviour on the Cliff
Saturday, 10 February 2018 in 48 mins (18–0–14 in E)
1320 Doubles (8m/V)
4 extents St Simon’s, 1 each of Eynsham, St Martin, St Leonard, Reverse Canterbury, Plain Bob, Kennington, Grandsire.
1 Tristan Allen
2 Caroline May
3 Barry Downer
4 Margaret Downer
5 Kieran Downer (C)
6 Marghanita Allen
Rung to celebrate the Golden Wedding of Jan and Ian Hookey.
We all send our warm congratulations on reaching this milestone in their lives to Jan and Ian and wish them both well for the future.

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