We’ve received 28 referrals – wonderful! We’ve had to be up and running quickly and encouraging flexibility all round…it’s worked so far.
Our towers and teachers have been magnificent in pulling out all the stops to accommodate the new ringers quickly. Thank you!


The bare bones then – 18 new ringers placed in 10 towers and the majority are underway with, and enjoying, their lessons.  4 are pending final confirmation with towers and 6 are in the early stages of contact as yet.

Good feedback from new ringers regarding the publicity generally. One specific comment from the Romsey area
“It was a good sell – not in the marketing sense”.

Ringing Remembers has provided a significant focus, it seems…..another comment has been “I’ve always wanted to try bell ringing!”


A new ringer after Lesson One – ” We really enjoyed it – we have a great instructor and he made the session fun.  It’s obvious now that it’s more than just pulling on a rope 🙂  but I’m sure we’ll pick it up given time”.

The way we respond to enquiries AND FOLLOW UP is vital…”Thanks for such a speedy response!” Folk who are keen enough to contact us are excited, of course, and want to get on with their Taster Session!


Viv Nobbs and David Mattingley.


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