Plenty of ringing and P.R. opportunities here! – Things to ring for….N.B. 6TH FEBRUARY

6 Feb Tue 1918 100 Women first get the vote in Britain Representation of the People Act
1 Apr Sun 1918 100 Formation of the Royal Air Force Amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service
25 Apr Wed 1943 75 Wartime ban on ringing lifted for service ringing The ban was lifted for all ringing in June
4 May Fri 1818 200 Treaty against illegal slave handling Signed by Britain & Netherlands
5 May Sat 1818 200 Karl Marx born German philosopher
10 May Thu 1818 200 Paul Revere died American patriot and bell founder
19 May Sat 2018 0 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry St George’s Chapel, Windsor
6 Jun Wed 1868 150 Robert Falcon Scott born Leader of the ill-fated south pole expedition
7 Jun Thu 1868 150 Charles Rennie Mackintosh born Influential Scottish architect and artist
2 Jul Mon 1928 90 Equal voting rights for women and men in Britain Equal Franchise Act
20 Jul Mon 1818 200 Emily Brontë born English novelist (Wuthering Heights)
16 Aug Thu 1768 250 Captain James Cook departs from Plymouth aboard the Endeavour His first voyage bound for the Pacific Ocean
26 Aug Sun 1718 300 First peal of Grandsire Triples At St Peter Mancroft, Norwich
25 Sep Tue 1818 200 First human blood transfusion
21 Oct Sun 1958 60 First women peers enter House of Lords
11 Nov Sun 1918 100 End of First World War Ringing for First World War centenary
6 Dec Thu 1768 250 First publication of Encyclopaedia Britannica First of 100 weekly parts. It was completed by 1771
10 Dec Mon 1868 150 First traffic signals in Britain
19 Dec Wed 1843 175 Dickens publishes ‘A Christmas Carol’

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