Amazing tenacity of these ringers in 1935 – very humbling

St. Peter’s East Tytherley:

18/09/1935 5024 Bob Majorin 3 hours 19 minutes (14 cwt). (Composed and conducted by George Williams).

Three ringers, each of whom lost an arm in the Great War, took part together in a peal of Bob Major. They were Messrs. H Balaam (Basingstoke), G Pullinger (Bishopstoke), and J W Faithfull (Southampton).

They were all ringers before the war, and it says much for their enthusiasm that, despite the handicap of having lost a limb, they have kept up active participation in the art. All these ringers, as well as other one-armed men, have previously rung peals, but this is believed to be the first occasion that three have taken part in the same peal.


1. Reginald C H Connolly

2. Harry Balaam

3. George Pullinger

4. John W Faithfull

5. Edward B Hampton

6. Louis J Lockyer

7. George Williams (C)

8. John Chesterman

                                                                                                                           First peal of Major – 5.

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