Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles -Wednesday 7 February

As you probably know, the group managed a touch of All Saints at the last practice, but if you were not in that team or at the practice and would like to reach that goal, there will be another opportunity at the next practice at Sopley.

To consolidate the methods rung to date we will be aiming to ring touches of Reverse Canterbury, Stedman and Bob Minor. Look out for some fun with “Mixed Doubles” and variations of methods by swapping bobs and singles eg Reverse Canterbury with Grandsire singles is Clifford’s Pleasure, or with Plain Bob Bobs is Southrepps.

Looking a bit further ahead, future methods will include the St Simon’s/Winchendon Place group of methods, leading up to the minor versions (St Clements etc) and looking at more different bobs and singles to incorporate into methods.

Don’t forget that we can always try anything requested by members of the group (if it is within our capability).

I hope to see you there,

Tim Kettle

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