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Welcome to the 6th issue of Tower Talk, the magazine for ringers on the Learning the Ropes scheme.

We hope that you enjoy this latest edition of Tower Talk.  If so, why don’t you forward this email or print off a copy of the magazine so that other new ringers can feel part of this amazing community which stretches right around the world.

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In this edition …

Happy New Year! to all ringers using Learning the Ropes – here’s to a successful year, and we hope you all achieve everything you have in your sights!

Once again we have collected a mix of stories to motivate and inspire you to aim high, to keep going, to try something new, to help someone, to tackle that thing which has been eluding you, to share your success …

With New Year comes talk of resolutions and in ringing it’s the same – and so this time we are focusing on the ’50 Ringing Things’ which provides a huge number of ringing related challenges which you can aim for and have a bit of fun as well. Have you seen the booklet? If not, you can find details of it here on the Learning the Ropes website, and you can order your copy from the ART Shop.

With 50 Ringing Things, you can explore the wide world of ringing and the many different activities that hook fellow bell ringers into this addictive hobby. A variety of contributors have written a series of entertaining and informative tips and guidelines to help you get the most out of each challenge. When you’ve ticked off a challenge yourself, why not share your experience on the 50 Things Facebook group? And 15, 30 and 50 challenges completed entitle you to order a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate!
So let’s meet some of our fellow ringers who have thrown themselves into the challenge!

Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk
Learning the Ropes from the Association of Ringing Teachers

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