CS District Quarter Peal Fortnight 10th-25th March

Quarter Peal Fortnight…?

So what is the quarter peal fortnight?

A two-week period, running from Saturday to Sunday, where we focus on ringing lots of quarter peals in the district.

Why do it?

Quarter peals are the ideal ringing that really does help ringers learn a method they are focusing on. Ringing something for a longer period than just a touch at a practice night really gives us time to familiarise ourselves with the method and also gives us a nice opportunity to focus on striking for a longer period of time.

The main focus of the event would be to give people the chance to ring/call something for the first time, or to ring something they’ve been wanting to ring for a while but haven’t had the local band to manage. Not everyone feels able to organise quarter peals and sometimes a tower may be one short for something they have been wanting to try. This special period of ringing will ensure we all work together to achieve something we have been wanting to achieve.

How would it work?

As the organiser I would centrally co-ordinate the quarter peal fortnight and keep a record of all planned attempts. Quarter peals during the period could form in one of the following ways;

  1. Towers/Bands/Ringers could organise their own attempts during this period and just let me know what and when they are attempting, and I will just keep a record.
  2. Towers/Bands/Ringers may start to organise a quarter peal and find they are short a few ringers, or a conductor, and in this instance I will work with them to help complete the band from other willing district members. (For instance, a band from tower G wants to ring a quarter peal of plain bob doubles, but they only have 4 people who could ring in the quarter, and don’t have anyone to call it. They would contact me and I would provide a conductor and complete the band, such that the attempt could go ahead)
  3. Finally, Towers/Bands/Ringers would be very welcome to express an interest to me directly in what they would like to ring, and then I would try and help facilitate that for them by organising an attempt. (For instance, Joe Bloggs might want to ring a quarter peal of Grandsire Caters and hasn’t yet had the chance – I would work to try and accommodate that)

Why bother?

Well firstly it’s really nice for the district to come together to help each other achieve personal goals and targets, and help each other progress. Ringing quarter peals gives us that shared aim and that shared target for us to aim for.

What should we do now?

Keep the dates free! Spread the word! Get planning some attempts!

Please email me with any questions, comments, or any early requests/ planned attempts and we can make this fortnight another real success!


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