**UPDATED**Winchester District ADM – Saturday 10th February 2018

Dear All,

You’ll be pleased/relieved to learn that the final pieces of the jigsaw for the Annual District Meeting arrangements dropped into place late last week, so the meeting will be at the Taylor-Selwyn rooms in the Education Centre in the Cathedral (Inner) Close, preceded by what I hope will be a ringers’ tea suitable for the occasion, and a choice of ringing at the College and the Cathedral beforehand. Dedicated grabbers should be able to make it to both, but it’s a hell of a climb up the west front turret stairs.

I should point out that there is no ringing after the service, which will finish at about 6.30, mainly because (1) we shall be hosting the Southampton University Ringers as well as the District during the afternoon and (2) on past experience there isn’t a great level of take-up for post-meeting ringing. Once I can get my accreditation to the Cathedral’s Diary restored I can look at what the evensong for the 10th February comprises, and if it looks like a special occasion (apart from us joining the service) I can see if the Cathedral would like some post-service ringing, and put the word round accordingly.

Attached, you will find in a .doc edition of MS-Word and PDF formats, the poster, the agenda and the unconfirmed minutes of last November’s surprisingly busy quarterly meeting. The annual report for the District, the District Accounts, and any other briefing papers will follow in due course.

If anyone would like to consider putting themselves forward for any of the officer posts, it would be nice to know beforehand, and the current postholders would be happy to brief you on what is involved; or, it is perfectly in order to present yourself (in person or by proxy) at the meeting. In either instance you need to be proposed and seconded by two paid-up members of the Guild who are members of the District.

Finally, please think about whether you wish to come to the meeting, and if you wish to have tea, let me know by Monday 5th February, either in reply to this email or giving me a call on 01962 885234.

Best wishes

District Secretary

Link to Agenda – Word  PDF

Link to Poster – Word PDF

Link to Minutes – Word PDF


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