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It gives a nice insight/update to what is happening.


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The quarterly magazine for ringing teachers

Welcome to the latest issue of ART WORKS, the magazine for ART Members and teachers on the ART Training Scheme. The magazine is an opportunity for teachers to tell others about their experiences, share their successes and keep them informed of news, tips and opportunities.

In addition to its regular features, this edition includes:

  • ART news updates – Conference, Awards
  • Pip’s Teaching Tips – teaching Plain Bob Doubles
  • 50 Ringing Things – a teacher’s story
  • What happened at the ringing courses held at Tulloch Ringing Centre
  • An insider’s account of the Learning the Ropes Masterclass
  • A teaching refresher event in the Ely DA
  • ART working in Devon – striking competition success

ART seeks new Resource Administrator

If you’re interested in helping ART on a part-time basis then we are looking to employ someone to keep up to date and improve our resources and web pages.  More details are available on the ART website.

Applications deadline is 31 December 2017.

Apply for an ART Award

The deadline for applying for an ART Award is fast approaching.  If you or a teacher you know is doing great things then why not apply for an ART Award.  And don’t forget to nominate your Level 5 Learning the Ropes Achievers for an award – the prize structure has changed this year so more ringers are recognised and receive a prize.  Have a look on the ART website for more information about the different awards and to download an application form.

Claire Culham
Association of Ringing Teachers

ART Supporters

ART is very grateful to the donations of our growing number of ART Supporters in facilitating our work to deliver ringing teaching and learning fit for the 21st Century.

Whiting Society
Paul Flavell
Helen McGregor and Peter Bevis

John Cater
Tony Daw
Graham Nabb
Simon Linford
The Parker Family
Pip Penney
Phil Ramsbottom
Jacqueline Hazell
The Sarah Beacham Trust
Abingdon Society of Change Ringers
The Oxford Diocesan Guild
The Scottish Association of Change Ringers
North Bucks Branch (ODG)

Are you interested in becoming an ART Supporter? Please contact Graham Nabb.

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