Agenda of 2018 Annual Andover District Meeting

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To be Held at Andover, St. Mary’s
On 13th January 2018 at 5.50pm
1. Welcome and Vote of Thanks
Remembering those District ringers who passed away in 2017

  1. Apologies for absence.

  2. Acceptance of 2017 ADM minutes. ( Goodworth Clatford 14.1.17)

  3. Matters arising.
    Item 6. Reminder of new rules for election of officers.
    Item9. Reinstatement of Half-yearly meeting

  4. Acceptance of Half-Yearly minutes. Whitchurch 25.11.17

  5. Matters arising
    Item 7 a) Use of District funding for rope fees on the annual District outing.
    b) Change of date to accounts year-end (see Item 7c Treasurer’s report)
    Item 11. New venue for December District practice. SMB has building work taking place. It was suggested Longparish might prove a good alternative venue.
  6. Officers’ reports.
    a. Chair
    b. Secretary
    c. Treasurer
    d. Ringing Master
    HP would like members to bring their ideas about District Practices to the meeting. Attendances have not been as successful as they might and she would like to know how they might be improved.
    e. Guild Exec Report

  7. Election of Officers
    At the 2016 ADM it was decided that the officers elected at the 2016 ADM would continue to serve until 2018 when the new rules (below) would be adopted.
    ‘District officers are to be elected for a term of two years on a rolling basis from 2018’
    i.e. Year 1 – Chair, Vice Ringing Master, Treasurer Year 2 – Vice Chair, Secretary, Ringing Master.
    (This choice is an example only. It may be changed at the next District Committee meeting)

  8. Appointments
    Internal Examiner
    Guild Exec Reps
    District Forum Reps

  9. Election of new members

  10. Proposals
    The Meeting resolves that the current accounting period for the District be extended to cover the thirteen months ending 31st December2018; thereafter, the accounting year-end to be 31st December.
    Background: to bring the District’s accounting year-end in line with that used by the bulk of the districts within the W&P Guild.
    Proposed by Ros Brandwood, seconded Maggie Hiller

  11. Venues and events
    Monthly District practices
    Annual District outing
    Education Days

  12. Guild Master’s report

  13. AOB

Date of next meetings: Half-yearly – provisionally at Whitchurch on Monday 2nd July 2018
2019 ADM at Whitchurch on Saturday 12th January 2019

Meeting closed:

Signed__________________________ Name___________________________

Office held_______________________ Date_______________

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