Carisbrooke Photograph by Jen Churchill

Triple Downer Team Achieve Firsts

To help some Newport learners along, a quarter peal was rung at Carisbrooke, David Weir conducting 1260 changes of Plain Bob Doubles last Sunday (26th November).
For three of the Newport ringers it was a quarter peal of firsts: Maximus (aged 12) rang the treble, Keira, (aged 13, and Max’s sister), rang inside for the first time and bringing up the rear was Kevin, Dad to both of them, ringing his first quarter as a tenor.
Their efforts are recorded in Bellboard as follows:
Priory Church of St Mary the Virgin
Sunday, 26 November 2017 in 42mins (7cwt)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Maximus Downer
2 Keira Downer
3 Richard Knight
4 Ian Orchard
5 David A Weir (C)
6 Kevin Downer
The ring was for Evensong service at the church.
Well done to all three on achieving the first, of what we hope will be, many quarter peals.
Just in case anyone is thinking the Downer name sounds familiar, I should point out that the family are not related, so I am informed, to the Revd Barry, Margaret and Kieran Downer of Brading and Shanklin fame! Methinks recording quarter peals and peals has just got a bit more complicated!

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