Plans for CS “Beyond Bob Doubles” Weds Dec 6th (Bournemouth)

As you all know our next practice is at St Peter’s and we will continue with All Saints, this time touches.  We’ll refresh plain courses of the method and of Reverse Canterbury and them combine them in the touch. A bob is a plain lead of Reverse Canterbury – so remembering where you passed the treble is your best clue of what to do at a bob.

Dependant on who is available, we could also be ringing Stedman Doubles, Bob Minor (with singles) and Kent TB minor  (as a refresher some treble bob plain hunt may be necessary).

Don’t forget – if anyone wants to call a touch (or start/stop) let me know and we can include it.

For the future I think looking up St Simons and Winchendon Place would provide a good grounding for a whole group of related methods/variations which can be interesting to ring.

Park in the churchyard and come to the door at the top of the steps for 7.30 start and I will have parking permits if you require them.  If you are going to be late please try to let me know in advance so we know we don’t have to wait. There is a bell push on the right hand door, but give us time to come down as it’s 64 steps down (and up again).

Finally, would you please let me know if you are coming to this practice and with any special requests?

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you there,


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