Are you a bellringing Innovator? You could win a share of £3000

Image shows one of thr W&P winners from 2017


I know many of you will have seen the following message from Graham, think of it as a reminder if necessary to further encourage people you know who could qualify to apply, and to share the link with others in your catchment.  Closing date for this year’s applications is 31 December.

Alan Bentley
On behalf of ART Mgmt. Comm.
Applications open for the 2018 ART Awards
The ART Awards continue to grow every year – with close to £3,000 awarded in prizes last year. Now is your chance to apply for the ART Awards 2018!
The teaching awards are open to everyone – not just ART Members or those using ‘Learning the Ropes’ scheme – and the aim is to encourage and recognise the people and groups leading best practice and innovation in the teaching and development of ringing.
Whilst it can sound intimidating to apply for a national award, when all you’re doing is having fun and making things happen, the ART Awards are there for normal ringers like you doing what you consider to be the right things – it’s only the rest of us that are in awe of what you are doing.

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