St Peter’s Petersfield – Ringers’ Autumn Outing

The following report was written by two of our newer ringers,  Bob Duffy and Eva Koritsas.  This was their first outing.

Thanks to Malcolm Wigmore for the photos.

St Peter’s Ringers’ Autumn Outing

7th October 2017

Organised by Moo Day

5 Towers were visited, in order, ALFOLD, DUNSFOLD, CHIDDINGFOLD, WITLEY and BRAMSHOTT.

Lunch was taken at Chiddingfold.

Alfold, St Nicholas dates from 15th Century. A set of 6 bells, which we considered to be quite light, were augmented from 3 to 6 in 2003. The bells are rung from the ground floor and are centred around the Font. When the Bells are down the Tail Ends are hoisted clear of the Font and the floor by a central spider. Quite different to our own arrangement in St Peter’s.

Dunsfold, St. Mary and All Saints. dates from the 12th Century. The 6 bells are arranged to the left of the entrance and are rung from the ground floor. The ropes have a much longer pull than St Peter’s and require an accurate vertical pull. The ropes, when the bells are down, are kept clear of the floor by a very ornate spider.

Chiddingfold, St Mary. A tower of 8 bells accessed by two flights of carpeted stairs and a trap door, which is lowered when ringing takes place. The bells sounded very nice and had a lasting resonance. The mats were worthy of note, having been crocheted by the ladies of the congregation.  Big cobwebs abound, thankfully no big spiders were seen. The tower captain was very helpful.

Witley, All Saints. A tower of 8 bells, accessed by a steep left hand spiral staircase. Windows in the tower made for a very bright bell chamber. The tower also houses the rather agricultural looking clock mechanism, which is in full working order. A central spider hoists the tail ends aloft when the bells are down.

Bramshott, St Mary. 6 nice sounding bells, rung from an open area at the bottom of the nave. It is of note that the cost of rehanging the bells in 1989 was met by the celebrated actor Boris Karloff.

Originally it was planned to have lunch in one of the two Pubs in Chiddingfold. However, this was not possible owing to a large wedding party having fully booked both venues. All was not lost, the Tea Room turned up trumps and at short notice catered for our entire group.

Ringers present. Moo Day, Madeline King, Melanie Moore, Mary Broadbridge, Christine Rushton, Eva Koritsas, Sue Walker, Teresa Brown, Malcolm and Benjamin Wigmore, David Malone, Bob Duffy.

Grateful thanks to Moo Day for arranging the day, which turned out to be an interesting and very worthwhile experience.

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