Alton & Petersfield District Bell Ringers Minutes of the Spring Meeting held on Saturday 22nd April 2017

Alton & Petersfield District Bell Ringers
Minutes of the Spring Meeting held on Saturday 22nd April 2017
at St. Mary’s Church Liss

  1. Welcome and Introduction of Officers
    The new District Chairman Mike Novell welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the current officers. Members gave a round of applause to Joy Martin and her team of helpers for the splendid Tea, which all had enjoyed.

  2. Apologies
    Apologies were received from Malcolm Cooper, Bob Duffy, John Leary, Hugh Routh, Mo Routh, Christine Rushton, John Stone, Sue Walker and Malcolm Wigmore. The Chairman announced that in future the practice of recording apologies for absence would be discontinued. He said that as there were currently 162 members but – and this was typical – only 35 present and 9 apologies, it was not worthwhile.

  3. The Minutes of the last meeting, held on 21st January 2017, were accepted as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

  4. Matters arising
    As agreed at the last meeting, a series of Guidelines revising and clarifying the roles of the Chairman, the Secretary, the Ringing Master and the proposed new post of Publicity Officer, had been produced and circulated to members for comment. In answer to an earlier query, it was confirmed that the two Guild Executive Officers would be responsible for communications between the District and the Guild. There were no further questions and the Guidelines were accepted as the new District job descriptions.

  5. New District Secretary
    Melanie Moore was elected to the vacant post of District Secretary, vice Valerie Harris who had resigned. Proposed: Graham Cane, seconded Valerie Harris and carried. Mary Broadbridge proposed a vote of thanks to Valerie for her hard work and dedication during her years as Secretary; this was warmly endorsed by all present.

  6. Election of New Members
    Six probationer members were ratified – Isabelle Butterfield, Anna Hughes and Dave Malone of St. Peter’s Petersfield, Emma Hornsby and Steve Marriott of St. Lawrence Alton and Anita Westmoreland of St. Mary the Virgin Bramshott.

Three new full members were elected:-
Edwin Jenner (Senior), St. Mary the Virgin Bramshott – proposed Di Hart, seconded Julia Brunt
Malcolm Wigmore (Senior), St. Peter’s Petersfield – proposed Madeline King, seconded Melanie Moore
Jess Hornsby, St. Lawrence Alton – proposed Judy Sparling, seconded Nick James. Jess being present at the meeting was formally welcomed by the Chairman and presented with her certificate and badge.

  1. Treasurer’s Report
    Nick James reported that the recent Skittles Evening had raised £265.10. Expenses had amounted to £261, so there was a profit of £4.10!

  2. Report from the Executive Committee Rep.
    Mike Novell reported that he had attended the last Executive Committee Meeting as an observer along with our official representative Hugh Routh, and Mo Routh who had gone as our second representative as agreed at the ADM in January. He explained that we have two representatives at Guild meetings because of the number of A&P District members. Mike will act as proxy for the Secretary at future meetings, at her request and this was agreed by the meeting. As both Hugh and Mo were not at the meeting, Hugh’s Report was handed out and Mike agreed to take any questions or make additional explanations if required. The meeting required no further explanations and there were no questions.

  3. Two Proposals
    a. That a new position of District Publicity Officer be created. Mike Novell said that dealing with the various forms of 21st Century media was becoming increasingly important, indeed vital, to the efficient operation of District affairs. He was keen to enhance our local presence, for example by accessing the new radio station, Wey Valley Radio, operating in the Alton area and covering NE Hants. and parts of Surrey. He suggested the new position be initially for a trial period of one year, to be extended for a further two years if so agreed later. Proposed: Mike Novell, seconded Nick James and carried. Valerie Harris volunteered to take up the new role. She was nominated by Mike Novell, seconded by Roger Barber and duly elected.

b. That the current position of Librarian be re-named as Bookseller. After discussion it was agreed that while a librarian has more duties than our District Officer, in future she is likely to be selling not only books but other materials. It was therefore proposed to rename the post “Learning Resources Officer”. Proposed: Caroline Welsh, seconded Nick James and carried.

  1. A.O.B.
    a. It was confirmed that Privett Village Hall would be needed for the District Picnic in the summer.

b. Ringing Master Graham Cane said that the annual Winchester Cathedral practice, to which everyone was invited, had been moved from 2nd August to 9th August. The next District Meeting/Striking Competition would be on 21st October at All Saints Alton. He confirmed that the District Outing would take place on 9th September in the Biggin Hill area of Kent. There would be one 4-bell tower, one 5-bell tower and the rest 6-bell towers.

c. Roger Barber was encouraged by the good turnout at the last Surprise Major practice, which was very successful, and he was keen to organise further such practices. It was agreed that the General practices organised by Graham continue to be worthwhile but that there should be Surprise Major practices as well, once every two months. The minimum aim would be Cambridge, progressing to Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. It was stressed that a Surprise Major practice was not the appropriate occasion for anyone to learn to treble bob the treble (as it was acknowledged that a reliable treble was necessary in order to ring well). Roger undertook to organise dates and towers for practices in May and August.
d. Teresa Brown pointed out that the attendance book had not been passed around during the meeting for those present to sign. Graham Cane admitted that he had forgotten to bring it! This prompted a discussion about how attendance could best be recorded, as so few members usually come to meetings. It was agreed that in future there would be a head-count (no names) and the towers represented would be listed. At this meeting there were 35 members present and the towers represented were St. Lawrence Alton, St. Matthew Blackmoor, St. Mary the Virgin Bramshott, St. Mary Buriton, St. Peter Froxfield, St. Peter & St. Paul Hawkley, St. Mary Liss, St. Peter Petersfield and St. Mary Selborne (9 out of 22).
e. Roger Barber is to consider whether to arrange a band for the Inter-District Striking Competition on 17th June.

  1. Chairman Mike Novell closed the meeting with an invitation to members to look to the future, to co-operate in a team spirit, and to work together to achieve progress and success.

Melanie Moore
District Secretary
3rd May 2017


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