Another first for Joe

Joe Berry rang his first Grandsire Doubles at the Town Church for evening service. And very well struck it was. Joe had practiced one or two touches in the last couple of weeks but the singles were only explained to him this week and that was at an Elizabeth College practice which is somewhat noisier than an adult practice. Duncan called himself observation so Joe rang all the work. And all this was the day after his 18th birthday! Must have been a more restrained evening than my 18th! Very well done Joe.

Now what’s next?

On Sunday, 8 October 2017 in 42min
Guernsey, CI
St Peter Apostle and Martyr (Town Church) Tenor: 11cwt

1260 Grandsire Doubles

  1.   Sue Le Feuvre
  2.   Jane Le Conte
  3.   Joe Berry
  4.   Paul Lawrence
  5.   Duncan Loweth (C)
  6.   Judith Lainé

18th birthday compliment to the 3
First in method: 3

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