Brading Rise to the Challenge

Saturday, 7th October, saw the annual competition take place on the Island for the Fred Green Memorial Change Ringing shield. Fred was a ringer of long standing at Freshwater and this year the competition took place at his home tower. Freshwater is a 6-bell tower with a 17cwt tenor.

Five towers entered the competition with a scratch team made up to give us something to aim for! 120 changes of any method of Doubles or Minor can be rung.

Julian Hemper from Devizes in Wiltshire, a former Ryde ringer, journeyed over to judge the afternoon’s efforts. His helpful comments after the ringing and before announcing the awarded points were all taken on board and appreciated by all the teams.

First to ring were the team from Ryde, who suffered a mishap with the treble during the 2-minute trial which unsettled the team a bit. Next to ring were Brading, followed by Shanklin, Freshwater, Brighstone and finally the scratch team, Team Isle of Wight (TIOW). The order of points awarded were as follows: 1st, Brading (12½ faults); 2nd, Brighstone ( 16½ faults); 3rd were the TIOW but were not challenging for the shield (17 faults); 3rd, Shanklin (19½ faults); 4th, Ryde (21 faults); 5th Freshwater (32½ faults). So with only 20 points between first and fifth a very credible afternoon of ringing.

The team from Brading were: 1, Robyn Downer; 2, Marghanita Allen; 3, Geoff Wilkins; 4, Margaret Downer; 5, Revd Barry Downer (conductor); 6, Kieran Downer.

Photo shows the winning team with (left to right): judge Julian Hemper, Revd Barry Downer, Marghanita Allen, Robyn Downer, Kieran Downer, Margaret Downer and Geoff Wilkins with mascot Mitchell holding the well deserved certificate.

Our thanks to District Master Jenny Brudenell and Secretary Mary Tester for organising the event, to Julian for making the supreme effort of battling our transport system and especially to the Freshwater team for the superb spread of sandwiches and cakes to go with the tea and coffee. In all a very sociable afternoon.

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