Draft Minutes of the Andover District Half Yearly meeting Sept 25th 2017

Andover Half-Yearly Meeting Draft Minutes
Held at Whitchurch All Hallows on 25th September 2017 at 7pm.

  1. Apologies
    K/C – Gill Gardner, SMB – Eve Lind Smith, Andover – Barbara Townsend, AA – Dudley Alleway and band, Over Wallop – Lionel Clark, Tangley – Margaret Winterbourne, Amport – Matthew Holbrook.

  2. Welcome
    Peter Niblett (Chair) welcomed all attending.

  3. Minutes of the previous Meeting
    No Meeting minutes were available as this meeting has not been held for several years.

It was decided that these minutes would be agreed at the ADM on 13th January 2018

  1. Election of New Members

Chris Caryer and Liz Thornton are leaving SMB on 28th September. We wish then good luck in their new home and thank them for all they have given to the District and the Guild in the past.

  1. Change of Tower Details
    Over Wallop – change of time for Sunday service to 9am, 1st and 3rd Sundays.
    Thruxton – change of tower contact to Churchwardens (see wpbells.org/thruxton)

  2. Proposals

  3. Treasurer’s Report
    Membership subscriptions are up on last year; more probationary members appear to be progressing to full membership.
    The district’s reserves are accumulating. Bursaries offered for training have not been taken up; ideas would be welcome.
    a. Training for probationers (the district already offers to fund those in full-time education.)
    b. Funding (in part) helpers volunteering for Bradfield or Hereford courses.
    c. Could the tower fees (up to £100) for the District outing be paid using these funds?
    Motion c. proposed by Mike Winterbourne, seconded by Helen Thomas.
    Carried without objection.
    Action Point: MH to inform John Simpson regarding upcoming District outing.
    (27.9.17 JS informed. Will speak with RB at the District outing)

The district was unusual in the Guild as it drew its accounts up to 30th November rather than 31st December. The Treasurer suggested that the accounts year end be extended in 2018 to 31st December. This would be brought to the 2018 ADM

It was asked if the Andover programme of events card prepared by RB this year would be useful if it continued for 2018. All in agreement.

  1. Future Dates
    The DP list sent out at the beginning of the year is correct. Venues and times are confirmed apart from December. See Item 11a. AOB.

Saturday 21st October 2017 – The Andover District Outing to Somerset/Wiltshire arranged by John Simpson (details attached).

30th September 2017 – District Members’ Forum. 9.45am St Barnabus’ Church Hall.

18th November 2017 – Exec Committee Meeting, St Barnabus’ Church Hall.

  1. Education Dates
    29th September2017 ‘Basic Raising and Lowering’ Bishopstoke EVENT FULL
    (evening event)
    14th October 2017 ‘Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles’ Goodworth Clatford

4th November 2017 ‘Stedman Triples’ Milford on Sea
See website for further details http://wpbells.org

  1. Distribution of Hand-outs (normally take place at District Practices)
    All hand-outs – such as the Annual Reports, Guild Newsletters etc. will be handed out at the District practice meetings – so please make sure someone collects for your tower.

A list of current handouts include Education Courses above and the Guild Report 2016 (beige colour).
If a tower requires any of the above contact District secretary MH or consult the W&P website http://wpbells.org

  1. AOB
    a. DP venue for December 2017. SMB has building work going on and will not be able to hold a DP.
    Longparish has been suggested as a suitable venue. The tower contact is in favor.
    Action Point: MH to request venue officially.
    (Longparish was happy to hold the DP on Wednesday 6th December)
    b. It was agreed that this meeting had been of use in that new members had been voted in earlier that at the ADM in January and that it had provided a useful band for the 10- bell practice.

Meeting closed: 7 pm

Date of Next Meeting: ADM Saturday 13th January 2018 at St. Marys Andover

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