Birthday Quarter at Whitwell

Not many quarter peals get rung at Whitwell these days and what better excuse to ring one than a significant birthday of a local ringer!

Martin Hatton, who rings at Whitwell and Chale, has turned 70, so to celebrate his special day an Island team assembled last Saturday to make it even more special.

Whitwell, Isle of Wight
St Mary the Virgin and St Rhadegunde
Saturday, 30 September 2017 in 36mins (6–1–18 in B♭)
1260 Plain Bob Minor
1 Mike Marlow
2 Kieran Downer
3 Rodney Downer
4 Beccy Noyes
5 Margaret Downer
6 Barry Downer (C)
Rung to celebrate the 70th birthday of local ringer, Martin Hatton
Congratulations Martin on reaching your 3 score years and 10, we’ll try not to drop too many clangers in the coming months for you!


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