Building a bright and secure future for ringing

This open letter was sent by Graham Nabb to all ART teachers and other interested ringers:

As ringers and teachers you are already making a big difference, but have you considered doing something more?

Now could be just the right time. The ringer’s representative body, the Central Council, has voted for radical change and is now looking for volunteers who can make that change happen. It is setting up a small number of workgroups that require skilled, charismatic and hands-on leaders and helpers who want to make a difference. This isn’t a realignment of committees but is a much bolder project, aimed at doing what is required to build and secure a bright future for ringing. Something we in ART are all committed to.

These workgroups are:

  • Volunteer and Leadership Development (the people)
  • Tower Stewardship and Management (the hardware)
  • Communications and Marketing (sharing)
  • Historical and Archive (our past)
  • Direct membership channel (our relationships)

Anyone can volunteer to join or lead these workgroups. You don’t have to be a Central Council rep or a ringing society officer. What you do need, is a love of ringing, a desire to create a ringing environment fit for the 21st century and the skills to help deliver that. It would be great if a lot of ordinary ringers and teachers like you joined and made this happen.

If you’re interested in volunteering then visit the “reform” page on the CCCBR website and complete the online form at This form will be open until Friday 6th October.

Do please think carefully about what you can do for ringing, and volunteer for one (or more) of these roles. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference; to give something back to ringing; and to build and secure a bright future for ringing.
For more information click through to the Central Council website.

Graham Nabb
Chairman to the Association of Ringing Teachers

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