Blackmoor have a grand day out

Fantastic weather, lots of laughter, beautiful countryside, the companionship of some of our friends from Alton and interesting towers all helped to make Blackmoor’s annual tower outing another great success.

We started at Tillington, where everyone agreed that the bells went really well but sounded less than beautiful. The locals were getting ready for a service of farewell for their vicar and, once they’d heard both Carol and Robin playing the organ, didn’t want to let them leave. If Robin could have got the organ under his jacket without anyone noticing, I think he would have done. He was very envious.

Then it was on to Wisborough Green where the bells sounded lovely. The church has a lancet window which is a memorial to the local Huguenot glass makers, and lists of all the baptisms going back several years, which had some fabulous names on it.

At Washington there was a loo! Hooray! and some beautiful sounding bells. Though we did have a problem with a jammed rope for a while, but Jess soon sorted it out.

After a very good lunch at The White Hart in Pulborough we moved onto Graffham, where the tenor had a rather strange death nell hum that could only be heard inside the ringing chamber.

Our last tower was Bosham, a really beautiful old church right on the edge of the water and more fabulous bells, though apparently it took some effort to keep the tenor up. After ringing Emma decided to risk a dunking in the water and have a go on the rope swing, but happily she only got her feet wet.

Many of us traveled by minibus and conversation rambled through a variety of subjects such as cricket, education (or the lack of it), the breeding of horses and the pretentiousness of Petroc Trelawny’s name and whether or not it’s real (there was classical music on the radio). This lead on to a mention of Anita Wallfisch and the comment that monks used to call snails ‘wall fish’ so that they could eat them on a Friday! Oh and we were also treated to Penny auditioning to join the Blackmoor choir by giving us a rendition of Hey Big Spender. Robin and Malcolm said that it was not what they were looking for.

All in all it was a brilliant day. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed it too, we were pleased to see you all, even if you could only stay for part of the day.





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