Wells bells are up and ringing! (Includes Video)

Last night we had our Inaugural ring…

Photo shows L-R
Jeremy Stupart, June Banister, Trevor Blades, Aileen Wilson, Donald Hughes, Jane Robinson (hidden), Maurice Stupart, Helen Blades, Bruce James, Philippa Arditti, Peter Bevis & Helen McGregor. Missing from photo = Mariko Whyte

Inaugural Ring @ Wells Bells – The Channel islands’ Ringing Centre

Thurs 7th Sept 2017

The First Ring – Rounds and call changes were rung:

  1. Peter J R Bevis
  2. Aileen Wilson
  3. George Wyatt (bell hanger)
  4. Helen M McGregor
  5. June Banister
  6. Philippa Arditti
  7. Maurice Stupart
  8. Donald Hughes

With the changes called by Trevor Blades from outside the circle

This was followed by plain hunt on 7, a course of bob major and half a course of Yorkshire.

Single bells were rung by Jane Robinson, Bruce James,

Jeremy Stupart and Helen Blades

Finally: 1280 Plain Bob Major in 44 mins

  1. Helen M McGregor
  2. Aileen Wilson
  3. Mariko Whyte
  4. Julian Ferrar
  5. George E Wyatt
  6. Peter J R Bevis
  7. – 8. Matthew R T Higby (C)

First qtr peal on the bells

Helen McGregor

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