A&P District Practices are being revamped.

I’m sorry to say that, due to time constraints, Roger has decided to resign from his position as joint Ringing Master with immediate effect.

In light of this we have decided to revamp our district practices.

The General Practices for ringers of all abilities will obviously be retained, but we will soon be introducing a monthly 8 bell practice at St. Lawrence where the focus will be on Triples and Major methods.

Alongside that we would also like to offer some more targeted practices for individual towers or ringers.

Perhaps there is a method that your tower would appreciate some additional help with, be it Plain Bob, Grandsire, Plain Hunt, Call Changes, whatever. A group of experienced helpers from around the district could come to your tower for an evening and run a practice that just focuses on that specific method. It would be like a mini Education Evening just for your own tower.

Maybe, as an individual ringer, you would like to get to grips with calling touches of a particular method. We could arrange a practice evening where you get the chance to do just that.

If there’s anything else you would like some help with, either to progress the ringing for your tower as a whole or for you as an individual, please do not hesitate to ask. We’ll do whatever we can to assist.

Many thanks, Valerie

2 thoughts on “A&P District Practices are being revamped.”

  1. I agree, but we’ll still be able to benefit from his encouragement at any practices he is able to attend. And I’m sure he’ll be only too happy to help individual towers should they need him.

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