**All Members Welcome** District Representative/Officer Forum – Representatives Needed – Saturday 30th Sept- Southampton

The District Representative/ Officer Forum is approaching fast.

We need three or four representatives from your district to guide the efforts of the Guild Officers and Exec. In considering options generated by the Action Plan, Sharing Ideas and thus making sure the energy of the volunteers on the Exec are using their time effectively.

How many Reps?
Three or four from each district would be good; they need not be District Officers, fill up a car.
Please encourage three or four of your district members to join us on Saturday 30th September, 9:45 am at St Barnabas Church Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton

Why should we send Representatives?

The Guild Exec and Officers are volunteers. They are happy to work towards items that benefit the ringers in the towers and support the Districts. However, none are known to be mind-readers so we need to know what would benefit each ringer and each District.

 What is being a problem, What is working for you. Share the good stuff; avoid repeating the less successful.

The Officers and Exec would really appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

Please contact your District Secretary and volunteer to represent your district.


Please let Heather Frazer know who is coming so we put out enough cups and chairs.

Thank You

Mike Winterbourne



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