Last Saturday (19th August) Brading hosted their annual Teddy Bear Parachute Jump.

All started well with approximately 62 teddy’s and assorted animals willing to take the jump from Brading tower.

As with all events not everything always goes according to plan!         After a good start outside, some of the teddy’s got a bit too adventurous as the wind picked up and ended up in nearby trees and on a roof!

After a quick rethink the event was transferred inside the church and the teddy’s jumped from the bell ringing chamber which overlooks the West Door. Some looked aghast at what they were being asked to do and after one landed face-first on the concrete floor he decided a second (free) jump was beyond his capabilities and endurance.

Photo: Jane Followill

Tommy made quite an impression with local villagers and passers-by, drawing in people to see what was going on. Timmy didn’t do a jump tho… He wouldn’t have got up the ladder… He had had a few too many vodkas before coming out to play. Silly old bear.

£137 was raised towards the Brading Bell Restoration Fund and the afternoon was judged to be the most successful to date.

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