Towers without full circle ringing – consultation closed

(See bottom of article for outcome) The towers listed above currently have their own home page on this website but no news feed, and their presence in tower lists on this site  may be phased out unless a case is made for their inclusion.

Exceptions (will be kept in lists):

It was decided to retain all the listed towers except Michelmersh.

Not included in this consultation despite no current ringing:





2 thoughts on “Towers without full circle ringing – consultation closed”

  1. With reference to towers without full circle ringing, some of the towers listed are rings of bells which are unringable, which is usually due to the condition of the frame and/or fittings. As it is unlikely these towers will have any ringers, there will be no news feed from them as there probably will be no news to feed. I do not feel that these towers should be phased out from the tower lists simply because, due to their condition, they cannot be rung. There is also the implication that if a ringable tower does not have any ringers, it will be phased out in due course due to lack of news feed.

    Rule 1 of the Guild states that one of the objects of the Guild is the ‘encouragement of ringing for Divine Service, cultivation of change ringing and the preservation of the church bells in an efficient condition’. To play devil’s advocate for a moment, could phasing out towers from tower lists be seen as the Guild shying away from one of the reasons for its very existence by ‘hiding the evidence’? Rather than talk of phasing out towers from tower lists, should the Guild be considering its philosophy towards unringable rings of bells? What could the Guild be doing and what advice could the Guild offer to encourage churches/parishes who have unringable rings of bells to consider restoration work?

    Also, rule 11 of the Guild states: “Each tower in the Guild area, regardless of whether it has Guild members in its band or not, shall be deemed to be ‘in union’ with the Guild”. For this reason alone, I feel that rings of bells, even if unringable, should remain listed.

    1. Dear Ray,
      Thank you for your feedback on the issue of unringable towers. The policy that has been adopted is that towers which could become ringable again have been retained. Towers where this would be extremely unklikely (for example, one tower which has one bell hung dead outside the church) have been removed from the website. This decision does not affect the printed Guild Report.

      Rosalind Martin

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