Walking notes and map, Houghton to Stockbridge,Sat 12th August Winchester District QM

The links above give an illustrated version of these notes.
1. Start from Houghton Village Hall, on the corner of Stevens Drove.
Turn right, and, after about 250 yards, having passed Chapel Close on the right, look on the left for the entrance to a property called Willow House. (5 mins)
2. Here is the gateway to the Clarendon Way, heading east. Shortly afterwards you will cross over the River Test.
3. The next landmark is the crossroads of the Clarendon and Test Ways (20 mins)
Turn left here: the Clarendon Way climbs, you want to keep on the level – the Test Way is along a former railway track.
Not long afterwards there is a fork in the path – keep right!
4. The next major landmark is the Marshcourt National Trust Car Park, on your right (40-50 minutes)
At this point, you can either continue until you come into Trafalgar Way, and carry on up to the White Hart roundabout and turn left into Stockbridge High Street (5 mins approx.)
Or, you can take the path to your left, skirting the northern boundary of the Common Marsh. After about 150 yards, the path crosses the Marshcourt River and heads north, directly towards Stockbridge High Street, along a well-defined path which brings you
out near to Lillie’s tea rooms. Start here …
From the roundabout at the east end of Stockbridge High Street St Peter’s Church is about 5 minutes’ walk, if you take the short-cut leading to Lillie’s that will probably save you about five minutes overall. If you take the walk at a fair clip it would take
about 1¼ to 1½ hours, longer if you wish to take it easy
To return to Houghton, you can either retrace your steps or continue along the High Street until you cross the Test, then turn left: that is about an hour’s walk. It is along the road, so not that great, but not absolutely awful, either. Most of the road is under
either a 30mph or a 40mph speed limit. If you do go this way you can call in at Houghton Lodge Gardens tea room; but be aware that their last orders are at 4.20 p.m.
A little further on is the Boot Inn where you will get tea/coffee at any time but they don’t have any cakes or buns

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