Winchester QDM Minutes – May 2017



1. Chairman’s welcome.
The Chairman, John Croft, supported by the Treasurer (and Acting Secretary), Tony Smith, opened the meeting at 5.15 p.m. with a welcome to those present and thanks to the Incumbent, Revd David Chattel, and Tower Captain, Peter Willis, for the use of their bells, and Alison Fydler and Carol Ward for the excellent tea [applause].
2. Striking Competition Results.
The Chairman had judged the competition at Preston Candover and announced the following results.
Position Tower Method Faults Time Drawn
1st Romsey Grandsire Doubles 2 3m50 1st
2nd Bishopstoke Grandsire Doubles 4 3m55 2nd
3rd Hursley Plain Bob Doubles 8 3m40 3rd
The Chairman presented the trophy to Andrew Glover.
3. Attendance.
The following 19 District members (representing 8 towers) and one guest were present: Ann and Roy LeMarechal, and Graham Wright (Bishopstoke), Carol Ward and Peter Willis (Candover Valley), Robin Milford (Curdridge), Janice Higgins, Jenifer Smith, Tessa and Tony Smith, and Pam & Richard Thompson (Hursley), John Palk (Lockerley & East Tytherley), Elizabeth Johnson (New Alresford), Andrew Glover (Romsey), Caroline Fairley (Winchester), Paul Fitzgerald and Christine Knights-Whittome (Wonston) and Joyce andJohn Croft (unattached).
Apologies for absence were received from Amanda Bayford (Crawley), Jen Churchill (Lockerley and East Tytherley), Andrew Johnson (New Alresford), Phil Watts (North Stoneham), Alistair Brown, Caroline & Martin Daniels, John Farrington and Nigel Herriott (Romsey), Rodney Skinner (Ropley), Jenny Watson (Sparsholt) and Alan Hutchinson and Bruce Purvis (Winchester Cathedral).
4. Minutes of the previous meeting.
The minutes of the Annual District Meeting held on 11 February in the Parish Church of All Saints’, Barton Stacey, were adopted on the proposition of Christine Knights-Whittome, seconded by Pam Thompson.
5. Matters arising.
The Secretary had sent his apologies that the certificates for new members were not yet available.
6. Loss of members through death.
Members stood to remember Brian Orange of King’s Somborne and Kay Alonzo (née Tremeer, niece of Les Tremeer) formerly of New Alresford.
7. Election of members.
i. Confirmation of belfry election of probationary member.
Jenny Komorowski of Sherfield English on 16 March 2017 proposed by Martin Daniels, seconded by Caroline Daniels.
ii. Re-election of ringing members.
Nick Allingham, Wendy Harris, Tina Hedger, Ann Logan, Elayne Norman, Nicola Plummer, David Rowley and Mark Wadey of Barton Stacey proposed by Bruce Purvis, seconded by Tony Smith.
8. Future events.
i. Tony Smith said the Inter-Tower 6-bell Striking Competition would be held at Burghclere and the 8-bell at Highclere the following Saturday and encouraged towers to enter.
ii. Christine Knights-Whittome said the Stedman Triples course on 4 November would be at Milford-on-Sea.
9. Guild AGM.
The Chairman said the AGM would be at Milford-on-Sea on 17 June 2017, instead of the traditional first Saturday in July. Tony Smith explained that the change of date was to avoid a clash with the Ringing World National Youth Contest in Birmingham and that Motion (D) on the AGM agenda would provide an opportunity for discussion.
10. W&P 200 Club.
Robin Milford promoted the new W&P 200 Club that would raise money for the Training and Development Fund and handed out application forms.
11. CRAG Report.
Tony Smith explained how the Central Council had agreed in Portsmouth last year to set up a working group to undertake a detailed review of its rules and activities, and to make recommendations for modernisation. The Council Review Action Group’s report and recommendations would be considered in Edinburgh in two weeks’ time. If accepted, the recommendations would eventually result in an Executive of not more than eight members, including the Council officers, accountable to a smaller Council of Representatives, and a number of workgroups (fewer than the existing committees). The detailed implementation would require a great deal of work but there was a widely-held view that the existing organisation was no longer capable of meeting the challenges facing ringing. Tony thought that it would be difficult for the Council to retain credibility if they rejected the recommendations of the group they had themselves set up last year and said he was sure that the Guild’s Central Council representatives would be pleased to hear the opinions of any Guild member. [The CRAG Summary of Findings and Proposals are on pages 425 to 428 of The Ringing World Supplement, April 28, 2017 and online.]
12. Any other business.
i. The collection for the Bell Restoration Fund raised £9.
ii. Elizabeth Johnson had blackcurrant and gooseberry jams and Brussels sprouts plants for sale in aid of Twyford bell restoration. Roy LeMarechal offered to donate £200 to Twyford restoration for 3 hours’ ringing.
iii. Roy LeMarechal had CDs of the Centenary Bells album for sale at £10 in aid of the Bell Restoration Fund.
iv. Tony Smith’s offer to try and raise a band for the Guild Inter-District 8-bell Striking Competition on the morning of the AGM was accepted.
The meeting closed at 5.43 p.m.

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