Picnic & Practice at Privett, a report

The practice at Privett last Saturday was quite well attended and, apart from a couple of problems with frayed ropes, went very well. We had a beginner taking a few pulls by himself, through to spliced Plain & Little Bob, so there was something for everyone.

Unfortunately what was a good amount of people up the tower, didn’t look like so many when we got to the picnic, as the weather appeared to have put many people off coming.  It was a little disappointing, but perhaps understandable. Somehow a picnic isn’t quite the same sitting at a table in a hall rather than on the grass outside. Still, we had a good time and played a few games, though the football goals and the rounders set stayed in the car. We’ll definitely be borrowing the curling equipment again, that was a lot of fun.

In my capacity as Blackmoor Tower Captain, I also took the opportunity (with a bit of set up from Mike Novell) to present David Cooper with his lifetime membership certificate, which we had had framed by the wife of another of our ringers. David is really proud to have been a member of Blackmoor and the Guild for 50 years and he took the certificate in to church the following morning to show off to the congregation.

Thanks to everyone who came, hopefully next year the weather will be kinder to us.


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