Sad news of the passing of Anita Seamons

I am very sad to say that my much loved Mum, Anita Seamons, died yesterday morning. Those of you who knew her will understand how terribly she will be missed.
Anita rang at Selborne, was the A&P District Librarian for many years, and actively supported many District & Guild events. She regularly attended Guild Education Days and the Bradfield Ringing Course, bringing the bookstall for everyone to access the ringing books that she was so enthusiastic about!
We recently attempted a Peal for her 80th Birthday in April – she was delighted at the idea and said “That’s lovely, no one has ever rung a Peal for me before!”. Unfortunately, the Peal attempt was not successful, and we were not able to arrange another attempt before she died. So if you knew Anita, and would like to celebrate her life in some way, she would’ve been very happy to know that a Quarter Peal or Peal had been rung for her.
Rachael Barber
Note from Valerie
The above photo shows Anita proudly holding the Striking Competition shield which she won alongside her husband Chas, Roger Barber, Nick James, Jerry Barnett and Andy Banks in October 2014.

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