Quarter Peal rung at St Lawrence 17th June 2017 in memory of Paul Windels III.

Many of you would have met Paul Windels III a regular visitor to Alton from New York. We have over the years been joined by Paul and his family on many occasions. Some of us even visited Paul in New York at Trinity and attempted a Peal of Stedman caters and scored a quarter of Plain Bob Caters.
Paul passed away on his way to ringing practice at Kent.
The Alton Bell ringers will miss Paul and we send our condolences to Cathy, Mary Catherine and Paul Jr.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Alton, Hampshire
St Lawrence
Saturday, 17 June 2017 in 45 (18–1–20 in E)
1264 Plain Bob Major
1 David M Hughes
2 Kaylee South
3 Judy Sparling
4 Liz South
5 Jessica Hornsby
6 Michael J Novell
7 Matthew D Watts
8 Andrew P Sparling (C)
Rung during Regency Week in memory of Paul Windels III (annual visitor from New York and a Jane Austin enthusiast). With thanks to Revd Andrew Micklefield who led us in prayers.

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