Another great AP District practice

The general practice run by Roger at Hawkley last Saturday was another great success, and was going so well that it was extended by a good twenty minutes.

My quick headcount came to 24 ringers of varying abilities, from learners happily ringing call changes to the more experienced who were doing Cambridge Major, with plenty of plain hunt and triples methods in between. No one was left out as Roger made sure that everyone had the chance to have a go at whatever they felt the need to work on. Bob Triples in my case, preparing for my first quarter peal on eight bells on July 9th.

Penny Rehbein from Alton was determined to understand what happens in plain hunt, and spent a lot of time watching what others were doing. Then she stood behind Di Hart while she was ringing the treble and they counted places together. I’m pretty sure I saw a light bulb ping on above Penny’s head, so I look forward to seeing her progress next time she comes to visit us at Blackmoor.

Gordon Strachan is one of our learners at Blackmoor, and this was the first general practice that he had been to. His comment this morning was that “it was pretty full on” but, judging by the smile on his face, he’ll be eager to attend many more.

Thanks Roger and everyone else who was there, it was a superb evening.

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