CS District Outing Sat 30th September – Dorchester Area

To give us some idea of numbers, names of those attending and numbers for lunch to Rosemary Rogers  please by Sept 23rd.

9.00 am  ~ 9.45 am     Church of St Hubert


    11¾ cwt 6 in G
10.30 am ~ 11.15 am     Ring Church of St George


    13 cwt 8 in G
11.45 am ~ 12.30 pm     Ring Church of Holy     Trinity, St Peter & All Saints


    20¾  cwt 8 in G

12.45pm ~ 2.15 pm

The Royal Oak



(Opposite Church)

3.00 pm ~ 3.45pm Ring Church of the Holy Trinity


    15¼ cwt 8 in  F#
4.15 pm ~ 5.00 pm Church of St Mary of the Annunciation


    20½ cwt 10 in  D
5.30 pm ~ 6.15 pm Church of St Peter & St Paul                        


     13¾ cwt 8 in  F
To give us some idea of numbers, Names of those intending to join us, and numbers for Lunch to Rosemary (01202 473175)

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