Note from Viv to all Ringers – PR Matters and WW1 Centenary project

It’s been very encouraging to see many ringers and towers taking the initiative in another two areas of our ringing world – Public Relations and the Guild’s World War 1 Centenary project.

On behalf of W. and P., I was pleased to attend the P.R Matters Day that was organised by The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. We were all mindful that ringing brings people and communities together locally and nationally and that bells call people together. All agreed that for effective P.R. it helps to be enthusiastic, positive, pro-active and  professional.  We believed this to be good advice and that we should continue to strive for this at national, regional and local levels even ‘though we recognised that most of us are not trained as P.R. folk. We’re not expected to be miracle workers either as we don’t have 40 hours a week to spare! So, realistic expectations of ourselves was seen as an important factor. It was suggested that it might be better to plan just one or two P.R. events for our tower or District, and achieve those well, rather than try to do too much; we’re not miracle workers but we can all try to do our bit and do it as well as we can, we thought.

Many individual towers are engaging well with local media – this is great as it establishes the basis of good and long-term working relationships and paves the way for some more excellent recruitment opportunities. Thank you.

I will strive to expand my activities as Guild Public Relations Officer. There is considerable helpful information and support available, including publicity material.  If you feel I might be able to assist your tower with P.R., please feel free to contact me either by email via the Guild’s website or by ‘phone – 07594 609 366. Meanwhile, please continue to check out our Guild website on a regular basis, as it includes much information, including ideas for ringing for special occasions that lend themselves to good P.R….BBC Music Day on 15th June – ringing at 7 p.m., for example.

Many performances have been taking place for the Guild’s
WW1 Centenary Commemoration project. The ringing has been wonderful and varied –  tenors tolled, touches, quarter peals, peals – on tower bells and handbells, all to honour those ringers and non-ringers who fell during the conflict. Thank you all. Many towers have ensured that their local media is advised of these special performances; as it’s of significant local interest, the communities do appreciate it.

All of our Guild’s towers and ringers can be involved and there’s still time to plan something really special. If you’d like your tower’s performances recorded in the books that are being planned, please ensure that any Bellboard footnote includes
  W&P WW1″ or email the details to
Please keep looking out for more information as further details will be issued from time to time.

Hope to see you and many of your ringers on 17th June, A.G.M. Day, at  Milford-on-Sea (click here for details including the agenda). The day gives us all a great opportunity to air our views, help shape our Guild, cast our votes, enjoy ringing and meet old and new friends over a lovely Ringers’ Tea! 

With best wishes, Viv Nobbs.
Public Relations Officer & WW1 Centenary Commemoration Working Group Chair.    

                                                                                                                20th May 2017

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