2016 started with the ever-popular Introduction to Ringing on Higher Numbers, in February, where, if we’d had additional helpers, we could have included more applicants. We continued at St. Mary Bourne in March with Plain Hunting and Trebling to Doubles Methods, followed by an evening at Bishopstoke on the versatility of Simulators and how they can fit in to your tower’s training programme. April found us at Kingsclere with Calling for the Terrified, and a packed evening was enjoyed in May with the Hartley Twelve mini-ring at South Stoneham.  The Autumn programme started at Hawkley in October with Plain Bob Doubles and Minor, followed by a November evening at Bishopstoke for Basic Raising and Lowering;  the year concluded with a November day at Bishop’s Waltham for Double Norwich Court Bob Major. In other words – our usual very busy and well supported year! We are delighted to welcome back many students who have attended earlier courses and are building on their knowledge.

Plans are well advanced for 2017, starting in February with a morning at Bishopstoke for Raising and Lowering in Peal;  this will be followed in March with a day based at Shedfield for Grandsire Doubles and Triples. April will see us returning to Lockerley Village Hall for a day covering Listening Skills which includes a multitude of activities for students of all abilities, and later in April (during Holy Week) we will be offering an evening in Winchester for an Introduction to Method Ringing on Handbells. We plan to return to South Stoneham in May for another evening with the Hartley Twelve mini-ring, and an extra evening has been arranged on 9th June for another Basic Raising and Lowering course at Bishopstoke. The Autumn programme starts at Goodworth Clatford in October with Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles Methods, and finishes at Milford-on-Sea in November for Stedman Triples. In addition as time allows and need arises, we hope to offer additional half-day courses on a range of subjects, plus, if possible, a full day on Belfry Maintenance.

Details are always sent well in advance to your District Secretaries for onward transmission to your Tower Secretaries and, in addition, are published on the Guild website and through the win-port list.

A very successful ART (previously ITTS) Module 1 Day was completed in June 2016 with eight W&P members, and plans are in the pipeline for both Module 1 and Module 2 days in 2017.  The sum of £500 has been set aside by the W&P Guild to assist W&P ringers who wish to take advantage of ART Modules or equivalent courses;  this is totally separate from Education Committee funds.

A separate group within the Guild is investigating the possibility of “ringing hubs” similar to the Birmingham School of Ringing.   When this comes to fruition the Education Committee will work alongside this initiative to ensure that W&P ringers have every opportunity to further their knowledge and attain their maximum potential.

Financially the Education Committee remains in a similar position to last year, and whilst we remain stable we are constantly faced with increased costs for the hire of halls and the need to make realistic donations to towers which we are permitted to use. Though not usually for financial reasons, we do find ourselves challenged by the difficulty of obtaining towers for Education Days.

As always, we remain hugely indebted to the enormous number of ringers who volunteer their services as helpers on Education Days, on whose generosity of time and talent we depend so much.  We always welcome volunteers as we could not offer courses without them. Thank you all very much!

Christine Knights-Whittome

Winchester & Portsmouth Guild Education Committee Accounts as at 31st December 2016

Income £ Expenditure £
Balance brought forward 515.13 Stationery, copying, telephone
Course fees – 2016 655 Postage 5.65
Advanced fees for 2017 5 Refreshments 79.37
Hall security payment returns 100.00 47.60 Hire of Halls – balance for 2016 215.75
Donations 160 Security payments for 2017
ART Tower Donations 442
Equipment 13.88
ART 160
Balance carried forward 566.08
Totals £1,477.73 £1,477.73

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