In 2016, the Guild held three striking competitions. There were the Inter-tower 6 and 8 bell competitions, held on the 21st May  and the Inter district 8 bell competition, held on the 2nd July.

Inter-Tower 6 Bell Competition

This year, the Inter-Tower 6 bell was held at St. Mary’s Church Eversley, and was judged by Julian Ferrar and Julian Hemper, from Wiltshire. 5 teams entered and the whole morning was a success and a nice relaxed atmosphere and camaraderie between the teams and organisers. The results are as follows:

Placing Tower Method Time Faults Drawn
1st St. Michael, Basingstoke Plain Bob Doubles 4m7 3 ½ 3rd
2nd Eling Stedman Doubles 3m54 6 ½ 2nd
3rd Niton & Chale Grandsire Doubles 4m4 8 5th
4th Rotherwick & Odiham Grandsire Doubles 4m1 28 ½ 1st
5th Eversley Plain Bob Doubles 4m7 35 4th

Inter-Tower 8 Bell

The inter-tower 8 bell this year was held over the border in the Guildford Guild at Hawley. It was slightly disappointing to see only three teams entering, but a good contest was had nonetheless. The contest was judged by Vernon Bedford and the results are as follows:

Placing Tower Method Faults Drawn
1st Bishopstoke Grandsire Triples 17 ½ 3rd
2nd Hursley Grandsire Triples 24 ½ 2nd
3rd Catherington Grandsire Triples 31 1st

Inter-District 8 Bell Competition

This year, the Inter-Tower 8 bell was held at New Alresford, prior to the Guild AGM. Four districts entered, which was good, but much like the inter-tower competition, it would have been great to have more districts entering a team. The more the merrier! Paul and Kate Flavell were the judges and they did a professional and thorough job. Their results are as follows:

Placing District Method Score Peal Speed Drawn
1st Portsmouth Grandsire Triples 89% 3h2 3rd
2nd Winchester Cambridge Surprise Major 84% 3h8 1st
3rd Christchurch and Southampton Grandsire Triples 82% 3h7 4th
4th Andover Grandsire Triples 75% 3h2 2nd

Expenses amounted to £58 which was paid out of Central Funds

Greg Jordan

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