Motion (C) To formalise the relationship between the Guild and its committees

Tony Smith proposes and the Master seconds on behalf of the Executive Committee that the relationship between the Guild and its committees be formalised. Specifically, that in rule 4 Administration “Convenors of sub-committees” be amended to “Convenors of committees”, that the following two new rules be added after the existing rule 8, that existing rules 9 to 22 be renumbered 11 to 24, and that cross-references between rules be adjusted accordingly.


a) Members are appointed to the committees enumerated in paragraph b. of this rule at the General Meeting two years after the meeting at which the officers are elected. Members are appointed for three years and are eligible for reappointment. Notwithstanding the note in rule 22 concerning when an alteration to the rules becomes operative, a new committee shall be appointed at the meeting at which the committee is added to those enumerated in paragraph b. of this rule. The Guild may at any time dissolve a committee or alter its membership.

b) The following shall be the committees of the Guild:

i) Belfry Stewardship
ii) Communications
iv Striking Competitions
v) Ringing Schools

c) Each committee shall appoint a convenor and shall report annually to the Guild. Each committee shall have the power to co-opt further members. Reasonable expenses may be paid.


The terms of reference of the committees shall be as follows:

a) Belfry Stewardship Committee. To give advice about bells and their fittings in any Guild tower; to inspect and report on all completed bell restoration works subject to grants from the Guild Bell Restoration Fund, and to continue the work of the Guild’s Bell Stock Survey.

b) Communications Committee. To enhance communication within the Guild by maintaining and developing the Guild website as the hub of news and information, maintain and develop the e-mail lists and social media presence and connect to the wider bell ringing community.

c) Education Committee. To improve members’ ringing abilities and confidence in all practical and theoretical aspects of bell handling and method ringing.

d) Striking Competitions Committee. To encourage improvement in striking across the Guild, through friendly and social competition, both between individual towers and Districts.

e) Ringing Schools Committee. To teach members bell-handling to a good and safe standard.

2 thoughts on “Motion (C) To formalise the relationship between the Guild and its committees”

  1. I was under the impression that members were elected to these committees and not appointed or am I having a senior moment.

    Mike Bubb

    1. Hi Mike, Thank you for your enquiry.
      I used the word “appoint” to give the Guild Master (or whoever is in the chair) flexibility in how the committee members are appointed. He/she could, of course, choose to have an election, although I can’t remember the last time there were too many candidates for any committees; it has often been difficult to find enough Guild members willing and able to work on the committees.
      Perhaps I shall see you at Milford on 17th?
      Best wishes, Tony

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