A Piece of Curdridge ringing history comes home

The May issue of the Curdridge parish magazine had a piece called ‘Curdridge Reminiscence’, with various extracts from church records, several referring to the bells and ringing. One said that Alfred Pook, first Captain of the bell ringers, was presented with a tea set on his marriage in 1896, with each piece carrying a picture of Curdridge church. Some years ago now I bought just such a piece, I think from a stall in Botley square. It is 7 inches (175 mm) diameter, with a picture of the church on the front and a mark on the back of a vertical bar with ‘KPM Germany’. I understand that this refers to ‘Krister Porcelain Manufactory’, not the more famous Royal Porcelain Factory. The piece now hangs in the bell tower ringing room – how appropriate if it is indeed from Alfred Pook’s service! A picture of the piece is shown below – it looks to me from the shape as if it may be a teapot stand or similar, rather than a plate or saucer.

Robin Milford
Current tower captain.

One thought on “A Piece of Curdridge ringing history comes home”

  1. Was Captain of bell-ringers Alfred Pook by any chance my great-uncle Alfred Obadiah Pook (1865-1953)? According to family research by a relative of mine, he married Charity Boxall in Haselmere in 1895. His father (my great-grandfather) was James Pook of Turnpike Road, Curdridge, 1834-1892. He was a coal-heaver and woodyard worker.

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